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Military Counseling Services
Proudly serving our active duty military, reservists, veterans and their families
Proudly Serviing our Active Duty and Retired Military           
Have you ever said or thought: 
I am retiring or discharging soon, what's next?
Nobody understands what I am going through! 
My spouse has changed! 
Where can I turn for help? 
Where can I get help for my spouse?
My kids want their dad back!
We offer services to military personnel (active, retired, reserve and guard) and their families
Services Include: 
Post Combat Counseling
Military Family Counseling
Military Spouse Counseling and Support
Referrals to other military organizations. 
Transition services (separation from military, deployment and change of duty stations)
At SFCS we have therapists with over 25 years experience counseling active duty military personnel, veterans, and their families. Some of our therapists are also veterans with several years of active duty experience. This experience provides us with a familiarity and an understanding of the issues facing the military community that make us uniquely qualified to serve the military community.  
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