Serenity Family Counseling Services - Starting Where You Are
Rates and Insurance
Groups/Sessions                            Rates/Fees
Initial Session                                            $140
Regular session - individual                         $115
Regular session - family                              $115
Regular Session - couples                            $115
Group Session                                             $55
Insurance and Payment
Services may be fully or partially covered by your employee health insurance, benefit plan or employee assistance program (EAP). Check with your employer of health insurance company for details about your coverage.
We accept the following insurance plans
Anthem      Cigna
Tri-Care      MHN
Aetna          Blue Cross/Blue Shield
Health Net
We accept Visa, Mastercard, and cash payments
Cancellation Policy
A $75 no-show fee will be assessed for missing scheduled appointments without 24 hour notification. This fee has to be paid in full prior to the resumption of sessions.
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